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Discover Franciacorta in every bottle


Learn how taste and recognize the wine !!!!

To really get to know the Franciacorta land, there is no need to be an expert or taken a course in professional sommeliers.

We have thought about this course followed by a skilled sommelier in order to catapult you into a fascinating world: The Wine.
Discover with us the meanders of a land and its culture in conjunction with the fun and charm of immersing yourself in a completely original experience.

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Tasting Techniques

In order to appreciate wine, you must first be able to truly taste it!!!

In your first lesson, Bruno brings you into the story of Franciacorta explaining  the Tasting Techniques conducting a Blind Tasting

Understand the common characteristics of different varietals by discussing flavors, aroma, acidity, structure, texture and balance

Meet the maker: Wine making Process

What is vinification? How to obtain a white, red and sparkling wine using the franciacorta method

A Vertical Tasting in Bornato Castle cellar.

Franciacorta and Champagne of Francia. Which difference!!

(Champagne and Franciacorta tasting)

In the Vineyard

Learn the principles of viticulture as Bruno teaches you the factors that influence a great wine and the importance of soil, varietals, climate and region

Wine Pairing in the Dining experience

Learn how to pair unconventional foods and wines to bring out new and hightly creative flavor combinations.

2 hour every single lesson + degustation

Minimum required 4 people

From €60 per person per lesson

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