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Pet Friendly Apartment


For happy and relaxed dogs and cats on holiday

We know your pet is an extension of your family; why leave it at home when you travel?

You and your pet will be sure to find a comfortable and welcoming place away from home.

We know how fond our puppies are at home, so we do not provide kennels or litter boxes but we ask you to bring them independently.

Here you will find the maximum availability in hosting your furry friends and we will also give them:

    • A welcome snack for your dog, cat or any pet
    • A game to entertain your pet during their stay, which will become his memory of the family vacation once he gets home.

On request we provide bowls for water and food

For any other request please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pet Policy

Franciacorta Country Lodges extends the highest standards of hospitality and comfort to all guests, including pets!

We also pay our utmost attention to man’s best friends, we will make you enjoy an unforgettable stay in the company of your pet.
There is a supplement of € 30 per pet per stay.

The animals receive a fun toy and a welcome snack, bowls for water / food will be provided on request.

We ask you to bring your own food and any kennels or litter boxes.

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